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Hi, my name is Jasmin Rhia and I'm on a campaign to stop suicide and self harm among the youth. I only got back from girls Rock Camp in Atlanta, a music therapy plan which shows girls to love and better themselves through the strength of music and self affirmation. I was touched by the impact it produced on these females. After returning to my town here in windermere, I was heartbroken to learn that among the attendees from an earlier GRC had ended her life. Today we're seeking donations of any amount in order to fund this project. Our goal is to reach 100k by Mid September, around the start of the new school year. Time is of the heart, as each and every day there is a kid who's struggling with precisely how to vocalize or maybe address mental health problems that they might not even be cognizant of! Please unite with us in stopping suicide and self-harm amongst the youth making use of the power of music! A share of this video will be know your worth greatly appreciated! We are additionally searching for partnerships so in case you feel strongly about mental health awareness contact us now!

Needing Some Privacy (Roman Shades Or Cellular Shades?)

Are you thinking about installing cellular blinds in your home? To help you find an energy efficient window shade that suits your tastes, we are going to look at curtains and shutters, two of the most popular choices for homes. 1. Motorized window treatments are a new concept. In the winter, heat escapes through the windows, making your furnace work harder.

Among the main offenders are window treatments such as blinds. Our broad selection of window treatments will help you find the perfect window covering for your space. Solar shades can be coated with PVC for added durability and can be ordered with a custom openness factor, meaning clients can control how much light they want to filter through the shades.

If you need more convincing as to why they make the ideal choice, the honeycomb blinds installation is an easy DIY project that would spare you the time, and your wallet, from hiring professionals. There's quite a bit about cellular shades that appeal to me. First, I like that I wouldn't have to make them.

Instead of the chiaroscuro of the Old Masters, the deep shadows and contrasts between light and dark that shutters and blinds provide with light, you get the light-filled canvases of the Impressionists and a warm, shadow-free interior with Silhouette® shadings.

To learn more about window tinting versus solar shades, schedule a free consultation with one of our window coverings experts. A large variety of fabrics are available when purchasing special order Roman blinds. Window shades and blinds can be very effective at blocking solar heat, light and glare; but they can also be mere decorative devices.

They come in a variety of stains and paint grades "from light pine to bamboo to richly stained ebony," so they complement "many decorative styles," said Blinds Galore Also, "their simple construction makes them easy to operate" and different slat sizes mean you can control how much light you want coming through.

Like SPDs, EC windows offer degrees of transparency, but with a crucial difference; they require electricity to achieve a particular opacity, but not to maintain it. In other words, turn on electricity until the window is the way you want it, turn it off, and then turn it on the next time you want to change it.

So you can expect to get optimal performance and maximum longevity from cellular shades home depot your new window shades. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are constructed of either two or three pieces of layered fabric that are pleated in such as way as to form a honeycomb” construction.

A venetian blind can block up to 50% of the solar heat if installed indoors and about 70% or 80% when installed on the exterior of the window. Vertical shades are a less common choice for sliding glide glass door treatments, and may come with the largest price tag.

However, they are often not the most fashionable of window treatments. Wood blinds can be pricy depending on the material, and can sometimes feel a little uninspired without being layered with another window treatment like drapes. With the right type of window treatment, however, you can minimize the temperature transfer of windows in your home, significantly lowering the cost of your energy bill and contributing to the preservation of the earth.

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades and have been around for many years. Cellular shades - Also called honeycomb shades, these are made from stiff fabric or paper formed into a row of horizontally lying honeycomb-shaped cells. These blinds look somewhat like a beehive as they are made up of cells that trap air and make them very energy-efficient.

Researching Brazos Valley cellular shades is a smart move to make. They either fold or slide in front of the windows to block out light. Offering cordless operating options, a cellular shade offers the ultimate in child safety. Very affordable compared to other hobbled roman shades such as the Vignette.

How to Meet fascinating Latina Women (Online)

Most men position to pubs, bars, and clubs taking into account a pain to meet women, but the firm is, these places are not the best other if you're excited in a terrific relationship. True, lots of single women go to bars for a fun night out, but they either won't appreciate monster hit by a stranger or they're just not curious in a long-term relationship.

That leaves online dating. Unless you have avoided online dating on purpose, then you should know that more and more singles are exasperating to find adore online these days. That's right; online dating is not just for the losers anymore, it's a regular portion of 21st-century life.
Now, if you haven't tried online dating before, you might craving some support in this regard. You've come to the right place! Here's all you infatuation to know not quite how to meet women online.

1. pick the right dating site

It might not be that easy to pick a latin dating site to sign stirring bearing in mind as there are hundreds of websites handy today, but that can actually be a good thing! You can choose the right site by bearing in mind your interests.

Want to date a pretty Latina woman? Sign up following, the premier Latin dating website. They even have an app that it quite popular. You can amolatina find it upon the app store, Amolatina the latin dating app.

2. Set taking place your dating profile

Once you've fixed on a dating website that matches your goals, it's times to set occurring your online dating profile. It can mood bearing in mind a tedious task for some, but if you're all-powerful virtually finding love online, you have to acknowledge the period to define your goals and acquire your profile set up.

Follow these tips:

Be honest and entry more or less what you're looking for.
Describe yourself in a fun and engaging way, but avoid looking overly confident.

Avoid cliches.

Take the epoch to pick a good profile picture

3. Preparing for the first message

Once you've set taking place your profile, it's period to get browsing. As you go through the profiles of eligible singles, you might be tempted to send a easy "Hi!" to all pretty woman you see. In reality, it takes a lot more than a terse greeting!

Take times to go through the profiles of the women you could be eager in to see whether your goals align next theirs. There's no reduction wasting become old upon someone who's not upon the thesame page as you. If you're just looking for conversations, later chatting afterward compound women is okay. However, if you're looking for a colossal relationship, attempt to locate someone you could look yourself past long-term.

The first publication should append something you proverb on their profile. Perhaps an engaging photo caught your attention? Or most likely they said something funny in their description? Focus upon that, and you're distinct to acquire a reply back - after all, she'll see you actually took the time to go through her account!

These three tips should acquire you started in your search for love. remember to stay true to yourself, save an open mind and above all, have fun!

What Can I Do With A Film And Television Production Degree?

AV creates a memorable experience. This makes them capable of not only absorbing your content but also interacting with it. An audio visual company should have a lot of fresh ideas on how to make this work for your event, extending your theme and offering greater engagement with your audience.

I am not telling people they can set up Warner Brothers studios for 5 grand. He took me under his wing in live sound reinforcement and I caught a bug for live events. The president of Wizard Studios gave planners and production managers tips on slideshows, audio, and speaker management.

"Sound" is really a catch-all for many things like music (live recordings or digitally created), singing voices, speaking voices, sound effects, and environmental sounds. AV used to stand for audiovisual. The department has interpreted this exemption as applying to feature film, program, and documentary producers, audiovisual production companies, and others engaged in the production of tapes for use in the above manner.

Audio visual technicians frequently work early morning, evening, weekend and holiday shifts in support of live events or broadcasts. Organizing a conference or any live event can be a difficult undertaking that requires a lot of time and effort usually from a small group of people.

Our students who sign up for THE AUDIO AND MUSIC PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES PROGRAM can benefit from government loans and bursaries and will get an ACS upon graduation. Delivering clear coverage, information and analysis, PSNEurope is the essential news and data source for the entire European pro audio industry.

The Event Leadership Institute kicked off its series of interactive Learning Labs on Technical Meeting & Event Production on July 27 with a hands-on course led by Matthew Saravay, president of New York-based production studio Wizard Studios Course participants learned about projection technology, the types of different microphones and lighting and when to use them, the logistics of staging, and more.

It's easy for some of us, to remember "camera, tape, battery, tripod, light" but other needs play an important role in pursuit of your Great Video Production When we read the more than occasional account of forgotten tapes, batteries running dry in the middle of things and malfunctioning buttons, focus rings or connections, we realize even the basics can be overlooked.

Check out what's new at CEAVCO and in the world of video, audio, lighting, and scenic design. Have done lighting and sound design for theater productions at the Masquers Theater in Savannah, Georgia. On the other hand, an individual who has an audiovisual production services business in a different city may be more than happy to give you a few tips, after they realize you reside far away from them and won't be stealing their local customers.

As an industry standard, it is essential to learn about their applications when producing videos. For the heavy-duty task of video editing, Macs do a better job and are more stable. However, the statement from Internet Video Gal that today you can set up an entire studio for less than five grand” is misleading at best.

You also need to have control over the lighting and sound. Run audio and lighting equipment for shows and events. Post production editing is incredibly time consuming and studio production eliminates it. Set up large scale lighting and audio stage plots. Educational programs in audio and video production range from undergraduate certificates to associate's and bachelor's degrees.

Starting your own video production company is tough work. You can not just have an open space because noise from the control room will interfere with the audio recording going on in the studio. In other words, if you have a microphone that Producers has an XLR output, make sure you have an XLR cable and if your camera only has a stereo plug audio input you'll need the appropriate adapter cable.

IJust 3 Plug & Play Sub

Wotcha folks, staying in the starter kit category in this review with the iJust 3 that the lovely folks at Eleaf sent out for me to test, thank you to Holy for arranging this. We will remove Eleaf products from orders directly and send the rest items out, and refund the difference in 3 working days. Vaping and the products we and other vendors sell are transforming the centuries old habit of millions. In this video above we breakdown the atomizer and show how the iJust3 Coil is installed, to give you a good look at how you would do this yourself or for a friend.

The battery that is capsulated inside the iJust 3's housing is an integrated 3000mAh battery that can be recharged via the equipped micro-USB port. Eleaf is keen on delivering their new tanks with the mesh coil design due to its increased popularity over the last year or so. The ELLO Duro tank is exactly that, with prebuilt mesh coils designed specifically to produce the maximum flavor hit.

The Eleaf iJust NexGen is an All-In-One E-cigarette with a battery of 3000mAh capacity and a (built-in) clearomizer with 2ml tank capacity. Where this tank gets it fascinating performance is from the use of Eleaf's HW series coils, which consists of the HW-M multihole 0.15 ohm Kanthal coil rated at 50-100W, and the HW-N net 0.2 ohm Kanthal coil rated at 40-90W.

But Eleaf's ingenious product designers got around that problem by integrating a four-color LED indicator on the chassis. For a little over 40 bucks, you get a tank, a battery, a mod. The Ello Duro has 2 different mesh coils available, now, although we all know it as a mesh coil, Eleaf are calling them something slightly different, i.e. a net coil and multihole coil.

The Ello Duro atomizer has all-new HW-M and HW-N heads that adopt net coils and multi-hole coil systems for great flavor too. The 8ml capacity of the Prince vape pen tank allows you to produce large clouds and the hyper engine coils bring incredible flavor as well.

Here is your Eleaf ELLO duro quick start guide. The iJust 3 Mod is powered by a 3000mAh battery which gives way to the robust capacity provided and the longevity of the mod. Just as impressive comes in the form of a 6.5ml ejuice capacity Ello Duro Sub-Ohm Tank.

The Eleaf iJust 3 measures 25mm in base diameter and 136mm in total length, implementing a natural round form factor with elegant pattern designs offered in a wide array of color options. Eleaf iJust 3 Kit, comes with an iJust 3 Mod and an Ello Duro Atomizer.

A newly designed responsive hexagonal style firing button lights up 4x each time you take a draw of the device. The Eleaf iJust NexGen is also provided with a different LED color display that shows the battery power. The ELLO Duro has a 6.5mL E-Juice capacity and features a retractable top-fill design and rotatable dual air ports for bottom airflow control.

Having been serving the vaping community for over four years, 3Avape has grown to be one of the most influential vaping stores because of our wide selection of high quality products, friendly service and favorible prices. Our products are tried and tested by experienced "Vapers" who have taken the time to sift through the countless products on the market.

We will remove Eleaf products from orders directly and send the rest items out, and refund the difference in 3 working days. Vaping and the products we and other vendors sell are transforming the centuries old habit of millions. In this video above we breakdown the atomizer and show how the iJust3 Coil is installed, to give you a good look at how you would do this yourself or for a friend.

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